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We deliver on our commitments

We understand that shippers need a transportation partner committed to getting the job done, done right and done on-time. 

This is why we take the initiative to identify issues in advance, communicate concerns, attack problems head-on and find creative solutions. We prioritize doing what is right over what is easy.  

By treating shippers and drivers as teammates, we achieve goals.

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WBE Certified

R. E. Kaus, Inc. is City of Chicago WBE certified as a specialty trucking company, provider of other support activities for ground transportation, and equipment leasing


Bulk Trucking


Equipment Leasing

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Freight Brokerage

Water Glasses

Potable Water Delivery

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At Kaus, we respect and appreciate our drivers.

We show our respect by upholding our promises, offering competitive wages and comprehensive benefits. We are committed to the happiness and success of our drivers.

Hard work, initiative and commitment are rewarded at Kaus


  • Health insurance 

  • Overtime after 40 hours

  • Paid holidays

  • Paid vacation 

  • Two percent 401K contribution

  • Paid training 

  • Three thousand dollar referral bonus

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